25 September 2018

Li-ion 170

This lithium ion battery is the result of the technological innovation proposed by Campagnola.

Of the latest generation, it stands out for its extreme lightness (only 1.2 kg), for its ultra-thin shape and for an autonomy of 8/9 working hours.

Each function is controlled by a software that guarantees, through protective devices, a great reliability over time.

The LI-ION 170 battery can be kept stored without being recharged.


The electric shears battery display by Campagnola offers the opportunity to choose among 4 cutting modes: in addition to the progressive one, in fact, it is possible to select the automatic mode with 100%, 70% or 40% blade opening. The display also shows the motor temperature, the number of daily and total cuts as well as the blade tightening value. The display also has a blade closing adjustment function.


Lithium ions battery

Led light showing the charge level

Shock-absorbent and fire-free techno-polymer shell

Electronic unit for operating the shears

Shear connection, fit for right- or left-handed users

Ergonomic backpak

Adjustable belt

Adjustable pectoral belt

Self-switching-off mode after 20 minutes without using the tool

Battery LI-ION
Rated voltage 58,8 V
Capacity 3,5 Ah
Power 170 W
Autonomy 8/9 h
Charging time < 2 h
Recharge interval 1 anno/year/año
Weight 1,2 kg

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