25 September 2018

Lipo 550 – 720

The LIPO lithium/polymer batteries by Campagnola are memory free and are controlled electronically. It is fitted with an anti-accidental-starting safety device and a fireproof and shock-resistant techno-polymer shell. The LIPO 720 battery, inserted in an ergonomic backpack, can power supply either ALICE or HERCULES electric harvesters or PUMA electric chain pruner, to which it guarantees a full day working autonomy.
The LIPO 550 version can operate only ALICE or HERCULES electric harvester, to which it guarantees a variable working autonomy up to a full day, depending on the kind of use.


ON/OFF switch

Luminous indicator of the charge level

Electronic circuit board for checking and balancing the cells

Ergonomic backpack

Shock- and fire-free techno-polymer shell

Lipo 720 Lipo 550
Rated voltage 18 V 14,8 V
Capacity 40 Ah 39 Ah
Power 720 W 550 W
Autonomy 9/10 h 8/9 h
Charging time 9 h 9 h
Recharge interval 3 mesi / month / meses 3 mesi / months / meses
Weight 5,5 Kg 4,7 kg

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