25 September 2018

Engine-driven compressors

The wide MC range of professional compressors by Campagnola are operated by either gasoline (Honda or Robin) or diesel engines (Lombardini or Kipor) and by Fini, FIAC, ABAC or Chinook head blocks. All engine-driven compressors by Campagnola are fitted with an air filter with a 3/8″ pressure regulator and lubricator, an automatic pilot valve/unloader and an automatic rpm regulating device.
The tanks of the MC engine-driven compressors are homologated at 12 bar and the copper tubes improve heat dispersion. Thanks to a double tank which separates the water contained in the air, tool freezing is avoided

MC 540

Ideal for a semi-professional use and available only in kit, MC 540 engine-driven compressor has[...]

MC 220

MC 220 engine-driven compressor by Campagnola has been specifically designed for small farms and for[...]

MC 360

Despite its small size, MC 360 engine-driven compressor has been designed for a professional use.[...]

MC 550

MC 550 is a small-sized, easily transportable, but professional engine-driven compressor by Campagnola. It is[...]

Selfpropelled MC 550 AND MC 950

MC 550S and MC 950S engine-driven compressors by Campagnola are self-propelled and allow easy movements[...]

MC 650 – 658

MC 650 engine-driven compressor by Campagnola, designed for a professional use only, has the best[...]

MC 950 – MC 1200

MC 950 and MC 1200, which can operate more tools at a time, are the[...]

MC 1200 Kombi

MC 1200 KOMBI engine-driven compressor by Campagnola, thanks to its robust and multi-purpose structure, is[...]

MC 658 Track

MC 658 TRACK by Campagnola is an absolute novelty among the self-propelled engine-driven compressors. It[...]
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