25 September 2018


PUMA is the electric chain pruner by Campagnola which is perfect for any kind of plant. It allows to work either hand-held or connected to a fixed or telescopic extension pole.
Its main characteristics are power, lightness and absence of vibrations, whicho make it a quick and noiseless professional tool. This battery operated chain saw is equipped with a device that prevents from any accidental starting, a hand guard and an inertial brake to lock the chain, this way ensuring maximum safety while working.
Its brushless motor and its chain lubrication have an electronic drive.
The power supply is carried out by a lithium battery in a backpack or a 12 V lead battery with converter.


Anti-accidental-starting safety device

ON/OFF switch

Luminous indicator of an excessive absorption of the motor

Hand protection with inertial brake for locking the chain

Electronic drive of the chain lubrication

Brushless motor with electronic drive

Fixed or telescopic extension poles from 140 to 240 cm

Rated voltage 18
Power output 800 Wh
Weight 1800-2680-3360-3560 g
Bar 8″
Chain 1/4″
Chain speed 10 m/sec

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