25 September 2018


The ALICE two-speed professional electric harvester stands out for its opposing elliptical movement – patented by Campagnola – and for its balanced weight.
It is suitable for harvesting large quantities of olives, regardless of their type as well as of their ripeness degree.
This electric olive harvester has a maintenance-free brushless motor and an electronic power saver that adjusts the speed of the rakes according to the performance kind.
It is fitted with flexible and interchangeable techno-polymer teeth and a flexible polyurethane power cable.
The ALICE electric harvester can be connected to fixed or telescopic extension poles and is powered either by a lithium or by a car battery, without any need for a converter.


12 V – 550 W brushless motor with electronic drive

Anti-pull protection for the power-supply cable

ON/OFF switch

Speed selector (1080 or 1150 strokes per minute)

Circuit board for driving the motor and the protection devices

Possible connection to fixed or telescopic extension poles from 45 to 270 cm

Extremely light cover made of magnesium alloy

Techno-polymer, flexible teeth

Opposed, elliptical movement (patented by Campagnola)

Alice Top Alice Eco
Rated voltage 12 12
Power output 550 Wh 450 Wh
Speed 1080 – 1150 rpm 1200 rpm
Weight 2,8 kg 2,8 kg
Absorption 8 – 9 Ah 7 / 8 Ah

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