25 September 2018


HERCULES is at the top of the Campagnola range of electric tools for its harvesting capacity. It is an electric olive shaker, which is ideal for a professional use on thick and very big trees.
We recommend using it with a fixed or telescopic carbon extension pole. The HERCULES electric harvester is powered by a lithium battery in a backpack or with a 12 V car battery, without using any converter.


Brushless motor, 12 V – 550 W, with electronic drive

Anti-rip protection for the power-supply cable

ON/OFF switch

Speed selector (1080 or 1150 strokes per minute)

Circuit board for driving the motor and the protection devices

Possible connection to fixed or telescopic extension poles from 45 to 270 cm

Technopolymer structure with carbon fibres

Interchangeable carbon teeth

Elliptic movement

Rated voltage 12
Power output 550 Wh
Speed 1180-1150
Weight 2,65 Kg
Absorption 8 – 9 Ah

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