25 September 2018

Cobra Pro

Practical and handy, COBRA PRO electric shear was developed by Campagnola for pruning vineyards, orchards and ornamental plants. The remarkable cutting capacity and the reduced need for maintenance are among the features that make Cobra Pro the best solution for a targeted and professional use.

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New thin handle : 31×38 mm

Highly resistant techno-polymer

Short-stroke operating lever

Universal blades, fit for vineyard as well as for orchard, made of highly resistant forged steel

Extreme flexible power-supply cable. In case of accidental cable cut, the shear functioning is not affected

ON/OFF led light

Easily removable cover for cleaning and greasing

Weight0,840 kg
Blade opening58 mm
Cutting diameter40 mm
Handle dimension31×38 mm
Safe functionSTANDARD
Stop functionSTANDARD